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M/Y Octopussy
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
In the early 1980’s an American, John Staluppi decided that the wanted the fastest luxury yacht, one that could break the 50-knot barrier. He approached many builders, all of whom said, “it couldn’t be done”.

Finally Heesen agreed to build it. At a length of 124’ and a top speed of 53 knots (61 mph), Octopussy was delivered in 1988.

In 2015, Octopussy underwent a complete refit and her hull was extended to 144’
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
This work was completed between September and December 2019
  • 1- FIRE SUPRESION SYSTEM – Evacuate system , remove tanks, piping and fittings for reconditioning .
  • 2- After reconditioning reinstall , recharge and recertify system .
  • 3- Before reinstalling fire suppression system , recondition and refinish starboard main deck equipment locker .
  • 4- Manufacture and install deflectors for the main engine room intake grills
  • 5- Remove and replace starboard hull side engine perforated panels as needed .
  • 6- Remove engine room deck plates ; sandblast , repowder coat , and reinstall
  • 7- MAIN DECK REAR ENTERY SLIDING DOORS; Isolate vibration issue , modify doors to receive lower locking mechanism to prevent doors from unintentional opening
  • 8- Disconnect main engines exhaust system to allow removal of under water exhaust pipes , flanges, elbows including hull penetrations
  • 9- Manufacture new underwater exhaust system to include all above mentioned components ; after manufacturing is complete ,return components to vessel , set up jigs , tac weld in place , check parameters and weld components
  • 10- Re coat pipes as needed , re-gasket and reconnect all exhaust components to main engines ,
  • 11- Rybovich ; prep bottom and jets ; reapply coatings as needed , remove and replace zincs , service thru hulls
  • 12- Compound , buff and wax all exterior surfaces , repair or replace exterior caulking as needed, repaint non-skid surfaces
  • 13- Atlas System upgrades, compete service , operations checks and adjustments
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
This work was completed between May thru August 2019
  • 1- Rebuild and recondition both rear engine room fans.
  • 2- Remove , rebuild , recondition center and starboard main engine pre lube pumps
  • 3- Remove and reroute generators Racor fuel system and relocate oil sight glass to include manufacturing new holding brackets .
  • 4- Remove , manufacture & reinstall new stainless raw water intake pipes both generators.
  • 5- Remove center main engine spray ring to identify leak point . Repair/reinstall
  • 6- Reroute black water tank vent tube , rebuild discharge pump
  • 7- Add a new bilge pump location in the garage, plum for overboard discharge to include a check valve in line.
  • 8- Redo the plumbing and overboard discharge for the aft bilge pumps
  • 9- Disconnect generators from electrical system , tag wires , remove raw water supply /fuel supply
    • Remove generators from the existing mounts. Separate electrical ends from generators sets.
  • 10- Replace rear main seals on both gensets
  • 11- Remove generator bases from vessel for reconditioning
  • 12- After reconditioning is completed , dry fit generator bases with new sound shields .
  • 13- Drill bases to receive new mounts and sound shield frames .
  • 14- Reinstall generator bases on vessel
  • 15- Fit and install new mounts for generators.
  • 16- Reassemble generator sets and reattach to new mounts.
  • 17- Reconfigure fuel supply , exhaust system ,raw water supply , electrical system and accessories from gensets to fit inside the sound shields.
  • 18- After rerouting generators racor fuel supply reconnect fuel system ,exhaust system , electrical system ,
  • 19- Map & Cut out sound shields to allow for new penetrations.
  • 20- Install new fans to sound shields/provide and connect fans to electrical supply.
  • 21- Install new sound shields and prove generator functions.
  • 22- Service Alfa Laval and drainage
  • 23- Redo engine room main air intake ducting.
  • 24- Repair , manufacture new as needed all engine room deck frames to enable reattachment after deck plates are re powder coated
  • 25- Remove all corrosion from all engine room surfaces , treat as need , primer and repaint with Awlgrip
  • 26- Following the same process as above for reconditioning of the main engine and transmission surfaces to include repainting all surfaces with proper coatings
  • 27- Remove swim platform rails , remove teak covering plates . Treat corrosion , recoat surfaces , manufacture backing plates for rails ,manufacture & install new teak covering
    • Reinstall rails , add two additional drains to swim platform to stop water collecting at base of transom steps
  • 28- Remove all cracked teak deck planks thru out main deck aft to include transom steps. Prep surface for new installations.
  • 29- manufacture replacement planks , reinstall, recaulk and sand contours .
  • 30- Repeat same procedure as above on 02 deck
  • 31- Remove all king plates from bow area and additional planking as needed to access water penetrations
  • 32- Template and manufacture new teak deck planking as needed to execute bow repair .
  • 33- Replace all broken hinges , slides , latches /catches thru out entire vessel . Adjust all drawers and doors thru out entire vessel as needed.
  • 34- Replace ceiling panels throughout crew area as needed , effect all carpentry repairs as needed .
  • 35- install coil cleaning outlets to air conditioning compressors , descale as needed .
  • 36- Remove and replace interior floor panels port side salon and master stateroom foyer.
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration
yacht refits, yacht restoration, boat restoration